Monday: First Day of Teaching

Written by Cross Birdsong ’18 & Adavya Dhawan ’18 to recount Monday, June 12, 2017:

NA teaching team outside the Outreach360 Learning Center in Jinotega.

We began our morning at 6:30 with tired legs and sore arms from a tabata (high intensity) workout. After freshening up, we ate some delicious eggs, tortillas, and our new favorite, beans and rice, for breakfast. Right after, we were off to teach our first session of English at the local church. While some groups played games like Twister and Jenga, others enjoyed drawing and Simon Says. To wrap up the morning, we all “went bananas” in our favorite camp song. Tired but satisfied, we headed home for a lunch of pollo frito, and of course, no meal could be complete without beans and rice. Well-fed and rested after the midday siesta, we headed back to the church to teach our second session of the day. With more students, we needed to bring a lot more energy, and we did. To celebrate, the group went out for some smoothies, before getting back to work for the next day’s lesson planning. All in all, it was a “Que twani” (Nica term for cool) day.

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