Sunday: Orientation, Tour of Jinotega, Church Service…and Mariachi?

Written by Greer Gill ’18 to recount Sunday, June 11, 2017:

Group picture outside of Outreach360 house in Jinotega.

This morning we woke up to the sounds of chickens and roosters communicating (loudly) outside our window. We then devoured a delicious breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and plantains, followed by a fun ice breaker game with the whole group. After this game, we started out for our city tour. We explored the Germán neighborhood, where we got to see

Touring Jinotega.

where some of our students live. We traveled through the city streets visiting various shops, restaurants, and the Jinotega city park. With tired legs, we returned to our house to eat a yummy lunch of white rice, pulled chicken, and our staple… beans. After tricking the Acras into taking us to free wifi in the park (no worries, the Acras cut us off after 5 minutes), we returned to plan lessons for our first day of teaching on Monday. We then ate an early dinner at 5:00 so we could venture back into the city to attend Sunday night mass. Following church, we treated ourselves to cake and made friends with a local mariachi band. To end the night, we played multiple rounds of the game “Mafia” where Greer killed everyone and Liza saved herself countless times. We head to bed excited about our first day of teaching tomorrow! 

Jinotega City Park

Lesson planning for the week

Mariachi band on the streets of Jinotega!

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