GHF 2020’s First Week of Community Service

The first day of the 2020’s community service began on Wednesday afternoon at Lifenet Health. As we arrived, we were warmly greeted by Morgan Burgess, the Lifenet Health Foundation Development Coordinator. After we put on our visitor’s badges, we were escorted to a conference room where we were asked to complete a quiz on organ and tissue donations. The quiz was comprised of 15 questions on the most common myths and misconceptions of organ and tissue donations. Each question contained a statement that the test taker had to identify as either fact or fiction. After everyone had completed the test, Mrs. Burgess reviewed each question and gave us the opportunity to take notes and ask questions. Following a detailed discussion about the quiz, Mrs. Burgess introduced us to the 2016 Norfolk Academy Global Health Fellows and Lifenet Health Project. The goal of the project is to create a slogan to promote awareness of organ and tissue donation on a personal and emotional level. We then said our goodbyes and headed back to the Norfolk Academy campus. During the first week of community service the class of 2020 learned two important things. One being the importance of fully understanding a topic before making a strong decision and the other being the value of spreading a positive message in the community to benefit others. I  really enjoyed my first week and I cannot wait to see what week #2 has to offer!

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  1. Lauren Franza

    We are so glad to hear you enjoyed your visit at LifeNet Health! Over the past few weeks, Morgan and I have learned so much from your Global Fellows group and can’t wait to see your presentation next week!


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