2020’s Second Week of Community Service at LifeNet Health

On October 5, 2016, the 20’s cohort of the Global Health Fellows attended the second community service meeting and third overall visit to LifeNet Health, the regional Organ Procurement Organization (OPO). Our overall project is to create a slogan that can spread awareness for organ and tissue donation. During this meeting, we listened to Mrs. Donna Bishop’s story of her life changing experience as a receiver of a vertigraft donation. Later, we discussed language sensitivity. Mrs. Donna Bishop, a receiver of a vertigraft, had been in pain for a year as a result of a vertebrae injury. She had surgery done in which a donated graft would be placed and infused into her spinal column along the C2-C3 vertebrae, which would alleviate the pain. Mrs. Bishop recalled the great relief she had the next morning and her gratitude to the organ and tissue donation program. Her story demonstrates the incredible impact that the donation had on her life. Also, we learned about the importance of language sensitivity in organ and tissue donation. Families who have lost loved ones must be treated with the utmost respect by all organ and tissue donation organizations if the deceased is an organ and tissue donor. That is why these organizations, including LifeNet Health, must be as respectful as possible. As they strive to treat families with respect, they are constantly changing their language to make it more caring and suitable. An example of this is the change from saying “life support” to the more accurate “mechanical support” because saying “life support” gave a false hope to the family that their loved one is still alive while in actuality, the patient may be virtually deceased. Through this, we learned of the intricate system of the organ and tissue donation program and how much the families of the patients matter.

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  1. Lauren Franza

    You’ve definitely captured the essence of LifeNet Health in this post! We are extremely grateful to those families who have chosen the gift of donation, and we continue to honor their loved one through our thoughts, words, and actions at LifeNet Health.


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