Off the Beaten Path

During our final day in Rothenberg we first went to a medieval torture museum and learned about some of the unreasonable punishments for what seemed like minor crimes. We then went to a church and had some free time to explore the city which was filled with souvenir shops and a typical german sweet called a schneeball which means snowball. Although they looked cool, I think most of the American would agree though that they are not worth the hype, and that there was a reason they didn’t make it far out of Rothenberg. We then went on a hike as a group led by Herr Mogen. Being his first time on the exchange, we got a little turned around and had to take an unlikely path down the mountain. The way was very steep and many of the girls decided it would be more efficient to just sit and slide down because we were slipping so much while walking normally. We also had to use Herr Mogen’s arm as a railing and I think some people were holding on for what felt like dear life. Although it wasn’t ideal, it ended up being lots of fun and I think it was more memorable than the easy path would have been.

~ Mariann Kazakis