English class

After visiting the mayor, Dr. Naujoks asked for some of us to be interviewed by her host’s sixth grade english class. Hans, Mariann, and I all immediately volunteered. First, the class was split into three groups and each of us picked our groups. Hans naturally chose the group with all of the boys, who were chanting his name waiting to interview him. Then Mariann and I chose our group of girls randomly. During my first interview, I realized how similar the girls and I are. Many of them love Ed Sheeran or Justin Bieber just like me, or we play the same sports. By the end of the interview we were laughing and enjoying our conversation like we had been friends forever. My next group of girls were very similar to the first, because they all like the same classes, sports, books, or singers. The major difference between the second group and the first was that the second group fangirled over Hans. They thought that he was so hot and they were so excited that he would be the next person they would interview. They continuously asked me questions involving Hans. Their love was super funny to me. Lastly, I was interview by the group of boys. They showed me the differences between the cultures of America and Germany. Instead of following football religiously, the german boys loved soccer and did not want to stop talking about it. Overall, I had an amazing time getting to know all of those sixth graders.

~ Kaitlyn Antonick