Leadership Lab

The Leadership Lab consists of a robust curriculum focused on leadership development that spans the four years of the program.  Each year the students study a specific area of leadership development during monthly morning meetings.  The key themes are reinforced through seasonal CCGL leadership speakers.  The cohorts will focus on the following areas of development:

  • Year One:  Leading Self
  • Year Two: Leading Others
  • Year Three: Leading and Affecting Change
  • Year Four: Mentoring Others

Each Fellow’s leadership development is supported and reinforced through the mentorship and teaching of the cohort’s Director and Assistant Director.  All members of the CCGL embark upon a hands-on leadership lab the summer of their sophomore year.  This 10-day program allows the students to further enhance their leadership style in both a rural and urban setting.  Additionally, leadership will be enhanced through summer travel, journeys and excursions as well as through school activities that range from club involvement, school wide education and the CCGL annual Symposium.