’16s Session 5: Advice for New Fellows

This morning Coach Wetmore asked the seniors to compile a list of advice for the new Fellows class of 2020.  He began the session by imparting his advice and sage wisdom on the seniors by providing his own advice for success in college.  His comments, as always, were well received!

The seniors broke up into small working groups to develop specific advice for the incoming class of fellows.  Here are the major points:

  • Be curious
  • Be tenacious  
  • Find your passion  
  • Know your priorities  
  • Do not be afraid 
  • Be flexible  
  • Be prepared  
  • Relationships matter
  • Read on your own
  • Be creative with your first project
  • Do not be afraid of failure
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Be judicious with your time outside of Fellows  
  • Keep a planner!  

What great advice!  Thank you for helping mentor and make the next generation of Fellows truly great.




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