’17s Session 4 – Leading Change Case Studies

The ‘17s started the session refining their understanding of leading change, and culminated by working on a creative and imaginative case study and hands-on activity.

Coach Bowles introducing the 8 Concepts of Change, presented by John P. Kotter from the Harvard Business Review. She gave a very brief overview of each concept.

  • Establish a sense of urgency
  • Form a coalition
  • Create a vision
  • Communicate the vision
  • Empower others to act
  • Create short-term goals
  • Consolidate victories
  • Institutionalize change

The students were broken into two groups to develop change within the NA community, Team Football and Team Green. Each group was given a set of parameters and asked to develop a plan that instituted deep and lasting change aligned with each of these scenarios. Next session, each group will present their plan to Coach Monniger and Coach Nelson. The coaches will lead a discussion on their thoughts, lessons learned and experiences that they faced leading similar change at NA.

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