’17s Session 5: ’17s Tackle Culture Change at NA

The ’17s began to culminate their year of “Leading Change” with a hands-on practical exercise.  Last session, the cohort was broken into two groups and each group spent the last few weeks putting together solutions to different problem sets.

The first group, Team Green, tackled how to improve and change the culture within NA towards recycling and being green.  The group developed some imaginative and creative ideas would bring short-term wins, compel the community to change their mindset and improve the day-to-day recycling efforts.  The group briefed Coach Nelson and had a rewarding exchange of ideas.

The second group, Team Football, briefed Coach Monninger on their proposals to improve the culture within NA and make it more football friendly.  This group focused on changing the culture through parent out-reach, student involvement and  team building.  Their ideas and approaches were welcomed by Coach Monninger and a productive exchange of ideas ensured.

This process was a great chance for the ’17s to see how challenging it is to actually lead change in a community as deep and diverse as Norfolk Academy.  Their experiences will set them up for success in the coming years.


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