Julia Minder ’17

Julia has always found Bay intriguing and decided to pursue that interest through the Fellows program. Living on the Bay her whole life, she has had the privilege to experience all the Bay has to offer. Julia enjoys boating, tubing, and fishing with her brother. The Bay has been such a large part of her life, and could never imagine living with out it.  Since a young age, Julia has known about the Bay’s poor health.  She has always believe that she needed to do something about its condition, and the Chesapeake Bay Fellows Program was the perfect opportunity for her to make a positive impact on this environment.

For her project this year, Julia decided to do research on invasive species that inhabit the Chesapeake Bay.  Julia has been interested in this topic ever since a community service trip where the group tried to eradicate an area of aggressive invasive species.  Through her research paper, Julia hopes to raise awareness of how destructive invasive species are to both humans and the Bay.