Alana Davitt ’15

Alana Davitt, a self proclaimed “mermaid”, has grown up kayaking, fishing and swimming on the bay. When not at the beach she enjoys performing on the dance team, acting in the Winter Musical, rowing crew, writing and singing. Alana’s past projects have included studying the different techniques, policies and effects of in-shore netting, as well as developing a series of lesson plans about the bay for elementary school students. She will be presenting this “Chesapeake Bay Unit” to public school teachers from all of Hampton Roads at an event for sustainability education this winter.
Most recently Alana has teamed up with Ellie Randolph, harnessing their artistic talents to create an interactive children’s eBook following the journey of Indigo, the mermaid, and her friend Alfred, the turtle, through the tributaries of the bay. Having authored the book as well as written it’s theme song, Alana is now in the final editing stages of No More Mermaids and hopes to have it published in spring for its unveiling during Norfolk Academy’s first Chesapeake Bay Day.

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