A Day of Classes at CEM

Written by Michael Wakeham ’19 to recount Tuesday, March 13, 2018:
Hola from Madrid! Today was one of our few days without a day trip and with just classes at Colegio. After, yet again, not sleeping nearly long enough, we kicked off the day in chemistry class creating crystals. The science teachers were remarkably good at English. They were able to tell us exactly what to do with our salts, solutions, and hot plates – hard enough to do in a first language, much less a second! We then moved to philosophy class. While I find philosophy interesting in English, listening and discussing whether or not schooling was vital for happiness in Spanish added a whole different experience. In English class, we worked with the students on a project researching different monuments in Ireland.
After a tasty lunch of steak, rice, fried vegetables (the first veggies anyone has even seen in a long time), and fish, we moved on to volleyball in PE class. Although a couple other teams might disagree, my team went undefeated – three wins for three. Finally, we finished in radio class with Marta in which we answered questions from younger students and talked about some idioms and sayings in the Spanish language. Tonight, many of the students are heading to Heron City, one of about six malls that we have been to this trip. They aren’t short on malls here.
Everyone’s excited to take advantage of the rest of the week we have here!

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