Ranch Time

Hola! Today we spent the entire day on the countryside. We met at school at 9:00am and had about an hour bus ride to a ranch in Laguna Brava. When we arrived we met the owners of the house as they had tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and different desserts waiting for us on a picnic table. We then went to the backyard where we layed on hammocks, climbed the trees and relaxed while looking at the beautiful view of a lagoon with the Sierra mountains on the other side.

After about 30 minutes we all got up to ride the horses. There were two horses however, one was a little stubborn so we decided to stick to just the other one. Around 2:00 we returned to the picnic table to enjoy a well known Argentine meal, asado (barbecue). This asado was lamb. As a group we ate 1.5 lamb. We were told this was the freshest meat we will ever eat. It just died three days ago! Along with our lamb we had potatoes, deviled eggs, salad, and sliced tomatoes. For dessert, iced, vanilla pudding and postre balcarse, which is typical of the Laguna Brava area. Everything was delicious!

After lunch we retuned to our spots on the hammocks and in the grass. A few of us went out in the lagoon to go tubing, wake boarding, water skiing, and canoeing. Coralie and I went on the tube together. It was quite eventful considering it was my first time and it was with Coralie, who goes tubing on a regular basis. We were told we should wear shorts over top of our bathing suit bottoms because the current might pose a problem if our bathing suits were too lose. Coralie and I both had on shorts however, mine could not handle the current. The water not only took of my shorts, but also my bathing suit bottoms. I continued to hang on to the tube with one hand as I attempted to pull up my bottoms with the other hand and Coral tried to pull me back onto the tube. This did not work very well due to the fact that we were still going full speed. I told Coral I had to let go because I was going to lose my bottoms. I let go and secured my pants as I watched as Coral remained on the tube. After the boat came back to get me it was Leah and Hannah’s turn. They were both much better than me however they also flipped twice. Later, Coralie and I decided to go canoeing. We paddled against the current as Coral sang songs to me as if we were flowing down a river in Venice. Michael and Ethan decided they should come try to flip our Canoe. We went back and forth trying to flip the canoes but we realized we lost Coralie’s paddle. She jumped in the water to get it but the current began to blow me and the canoe away. It took awhile but we were able to meet back up and take the canoe into the dock. Keivan, Dillon, and Josh wanted to reach the other side of the lagoon in their canoe. They made it to the other side successfully but because they were forced to return against the current they were not able to do it. They flagged down the boat to bring them back.

Every now and then someone would hop on the good horse and take him for a ride around the ranch as the rest of us sat around and talked and slept. About an hour before we left the owners of the house brought us one more snack that consisted of juice, cake, and bocadillos. Today we learned that Señora Fox really likes to peel dead skin. We already knew Haley enjoyed doing this but to fine out that this is Señora’s strange addiction too, was very funny. Around 7:30 we got on the bus to head back to Mar Del Plata. We had a little difficulty getting the bus to start but we made it back safely! Over all the day was successful, relaxing and fun!

-Tyler Moore

Today was our excursion to a traditional Argentinian ranch. we took a one hour bus ride to get there. We arrived and relaxed in hammocks until tea time. While waiting we all climbed a tree. At tea time we tried matte, a traditional Argentina drink. Then a gaucho, an Argentinian ranch hand, helped us ride horses. One of the bigger horses was very nice and provided an enjoyable experience for all. However, the other horse was a bit dodgey, throwing out powerful rear kicks and was unable to be tamed by any of the students.

As we finished riding, the master chef completed his masterpiece, 2 lambs, that he had roasted to perfection after several hours of hard and dedicated work. This was part of asado, a traditional Argentinean barbecue. there were multiple appetizers but the main course consisted of different cuts of 2 whole lambs. When we all finished eating and were anxiously waiting for dessert, the host could not bring it out because Will (the person) would not stop eating lamb. Finally, we were able to enjoy a scrumptious dessert.

Afterwards, most people took a nap as the hammocks provided a magisterial view of the lake and the surrounding scenery. However, the few that did not take naps took two seater kayaks into the treacherous lake where they battled against gigantic half a foot waves and violent winds to reach the other side of the lake. At the other side of the lake there was a mountain that we wanted to climb. The people in kayaks soon realized that the host was right and climbing the mountain would be prove to be a difficult task. Then when the kayakers returned and the nappers awoke, the host took turns taking us wake boarding, tubing, and water skiing. When we all returned from water skiing, the host rushed back out on his motor boat to rescue the kayakers that had gotten stranded. When everyone returned the boys started playing soccer. Then, as we were about to leave, the bus would not start. Señora had a look of concern on her face. The problem was soon solved with the assistance of the host. As we were riding back in the bus a bird came soaring into the window and frightened everyone on the bus; he bird probably did not survive. It was a very fun day.

-Connor Towler

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