Do the Tango!

This morning, we arrived at school at 8 and began the day with a traditional Catholic mass in the courtyard which was pretty similar to an American service, despite it being all in Spanish. We then shadowed a class of our choice, and then moved to the lobby to enjoy a tango lesson. This was definitely the highlight of the day. Every girl and boy were paired up (we were partners) and were taught the “passionate” dance of the tango. We all had tons of fun and some of us even figured out how to pick up and toss our partner. The power couple of the day was undoubtedly Stuart and Dillon, whom many believe will get married one day.

After our tango session we went to another class. We both attended different classes – Haley went to a history class to learnĀ about Argentine history and international relations and Will went to a calculus class that would have been difficult even in English! After these classes we all went to lunch and had a rice and chicken dish. After lunch we attended one more class and an art class.

The class we attended was tailored specifically for us. We were all packed into the attic-made-classroom of the school which had a clear lack of air conditioning. Here we learned about various different aspects of argentine culture such as the Asado (a big meat roast) and various dances. One of these dances was similar to a tap dance and we had the opportunity to try it out. We clearly made quite a racket considering a few teachers in classrooms below came up to see what was going on. In the art class we learned how to paint traditional Argentinian designs. Leah and Denzel quickly abandoned this idea and created some wonderful, abstract finger paintings. It was a hot day so after school many of us went to the beach or pool to cool off.

– Haley Edmonds & Will Whitmore

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