The New SAT

If one can count on nothing else, one can count on change.  That has certainly held  true for standardized testing over the decades as many in academia will recall the recentering of scores in 1995, the rebranding of the “verbal” section as “critical

Coach’s Corner: Top 12 Pitfalls of the Recruiting Process

Norfolk Academy is blessed with a tradition of excellence both in the classroom and on the field.  While all of our graduates continue their academic careers in college, many have continued their athletic careers at the collegiate level as well. 

Financial Aid Nuts & Bolts

Financial aid exists in two forms: need-based aid and merit-based aid.  They function very differently. You can determine an estimate of your eligibility for need-based aid by going to a college’s website and putting your tax information into a Net Price Calculator.

New Beginnings

I always used to love the March and April weeks during which the colleges I worked for were inundated by high school juniors and their families spending their spring breaks attending information sessions, tours, interviews and class visits.  Fresh enthusiastic

The Journey & The Destination

Every November and December the holiday season arrives at fever pitch.  Parties and baking, dance recitals, choral concerts, service initiatives, holiday open houses, fall athletic season championships and the conclusion of another academic term.  Loved ones arrive from near and far, holiday cards are sent and

NA Alumni Consider: Kenyon College

As cliché and campy as it may sound, it is truly hard for a smile not to overtake my face when I talk about Kenyon College.  I may have only completed the first semester of my first year, but already, my

NA Alumni Consider: The University of Virginia

At Norfolk Academy (NA) there exists a sort of stigma in attending U.Va.  You won’t make any new friends.  It’s the same culture as Academy.  As a senior at NA, I believed these rumors and as a result turned in

Facebook & Twitter & Pinterest Oh My!

A number of you took a crack at UVA’s “To tweet, or not to tweet?” supplemental essay this fall which yielded a lot of good conversation about the value of interpersonal communication and the challenges students experience as their sense

Diaries & Memoirs: The Best Essays

I’ve always thought diaries-turned-memoirs are fascinating reads.  The willingness of writers to share vulnerable moments and to be authentic, even if only within the pages of their books.  It’s their introspective nature that really grabs me.  A writer’s willingness to be