NA Alumni Consider: Kenyon College

kenyon2As cliché and campy as it may sound, it is truly hard for a smile not to overtake my face when I talk about Kenyon College.  I may have only completed the first semester of my first year, but already, my secluded Ohio campus feels like home.

When I went through the college process, I had a number of important factors to help narrow the selection process, one of which was finding a school that offered small class sizes, and a student-faculty ratio that would allow me to get to know my professors.  I wanted to find an academic environment similar to Norfolk Academy, a place that would allow me develop as an individual.  One of the most enhancing parts of attending Norfolk Academy was the strong bhallie2onds I created with my teachers. I knew that this caring bond was also necessary for my college experience.

At Kenyon, all of my classes are about 15 students or less, with the exception of my Psychology class, which has about 40 students (where even at a larger class size, my professor still knows my name).  I appreciate that my professors have taken an interest in getting to know me and learn about my interests.

Living in rural Ohio creates the perfect atmosphere for learning, not only academically, but also socially.  Although Kenyon is located in a remote area, about 50 minutes from Columbus, OH, this picturesque community, surrounded by cornfields, is a very bustling community.  There is truly is something always happening on campus, from lectures, to sporting events, and several concerts.  Earlier this year I listened to Michael Pollan, a New York Times best selling author, who addressed students about agriculture and his latest book.  I’ve also gone apple picking at a local orchard and helped cook food for a mini music festival on campus.

I have gotten involved in the Horn, a student run gallery that brings in bands to campus. I’ve cooked meals for members of the bands who play at the Horn and have also participated in planning for some up coming concerts.  During my spare time, I love to work out at the KAC, (Kenyon Athletic Center) which aside from ranking #1 athletic center by the Princeton Review is also where I take dance classes.

Although I initially thought it would be difficult to attend school ten hours from home, I have yet to feel terribly homesick.  I have met so many interesting people from hometowns all over the country.  Everyone on campus is a little quirky and a lot curious.  The student body is engaged in their studies but we also know how to have fun. Every student has one aspect or another that he or she is quite proficient.hallie

In other words, Kenyon is not made up of a homogeneous campus.  Sure, there are a lot of students who dress like “hipsters” but that’s about the only stereotype you can pin to them.  The students are all diverse, friendly, and engaged.

Yes, Kenyon is a small school, but by no means do I feel that I know everyone, or even a quarter of the students.  Each time I walk down middle path (the pathway that runs through the center of campus), I am greeted with friendly faces.

I am so lucky to have found my perfect college fit.  Everyday I am surrounded by amazing friends and students who are genuine.  For a school with such a small student body Kenyon is teeming with activity and vitality.

Hallie Schulwolf
Norfolk Academy Class of 2013
Kenyon College Class of 2017
Fall, 2013