Admission Officers

College counselors and admission representatives are tremendously fortunate to be a part of a profession which allows them to positively impact the lives of young people in the ways they do. There are few educational honors akin to supporting a student and his or her family as they persist through the college search, application and selection processes. A poignant but complex time, the College Counseling team at Norfolk Academy looks forward to collaborating with you in the mutual goal of helping students create and experience educational opportunities for their lives that are meaningful and appropriate.

With the competing priorities of numerous applicant constituencies, recruitment travel, on-campus programming, marketing and diversity initiatives, current student and alumni volunteer groups, internal office management and a variety of additional division responsibilities, we understand that your time, energy and focus are spread far and wide. Your dedication does not go unnoticed.

We appreciate, so much, the care with which you manage the applicant materials, questions and needs of our students and hope you will feel welcome to call on us at any time if there are ways we can strengthen our partnership with your office. We also hope that you will join us, here, on a regular basis, as we strive to educate and inspire the student and his family members who are just beginning their college journey and the seniors who are waist deep in the details. This process is a multidimensional partnership and we are very grateful to work together with fine educational professionals like you.

The Norfolk Academy College Counseling Team

2016-17 School Profile