Coach’s Corner: May Wrap Up (2018)

We are pleased to announce that many Norfolk Academy student-athletes in the Class of 2018 have committed to participate in college varsity athletics.  There are a total of 20 student-athletes who will compete in 10 different sports at the NCAA level.   A tremendous amount of hard work and dedication has paid off, and now these Bulldogs are excited to begin a new chapter in their athletic career.

Good luck to our accomplished student-athletes from the Class of 2018.  They have represented Norfolk Academy extremely well, and we look forward to seeing our alumni in action for another four years!

Norfolk Academy ‘18 Committed Student-Athletes by the Numbers:

20: Number of student-athletes who have committed to play in college.
17: Number of committed college athletes that played two or more sports for NA.
11: Number of student-athletes that will compete at the Division 1 level.
10: Number of different sports that NA students will play in college.
9: Number of student-athletes that will compete at the Division 3 level.
8: Number of student-athletes who will continue their athletic career at an institution located in the state of Virginia.
6: Number of student-athletes committed to play lacrosse in college.
5: Number of girls committed to play D1 field hockey this fall.
4: Number of represented college mascots from the biological family Felidea.
(NYU Bobcats, Columbia Lions, High Point Panthers, Hampden-Sydney Tigers)
3: Number of boys committed to play college football this fall.
2: Number of student-athletes who will continue to have a Bulldog as their mascot.
(Georgetown: Jack the Bulldog, Georgia: Uga)
1: Number of student-athletes that will compete on the West Coast (Stanford)

Here is the complete list of the committed student-athletes and their destinations:

Grayson Ackaway               Lacrosse                    Hampden-Sydney College
Antonio Arcona                   Lacrosse                    High Point University
Emily Batts                           Crew                          Tufts University
Jordan Blackwell                 Football                     Hampden-Sydney College
Hayden Britt                        Lacrosse                    College of William and Mary
Cam Call                                Football                     Hampden-Sydney College
Lily Clarkson                        Field Hockey            University of Pennsylvania
Matt Dalton                          Football                      Colby College
Callie Dickinson                   Swimming                 University of Georgia
Riley Fulmer                         Field Hockey            University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Greer Gill                               Filed Hockey             University of Virginia
Halle Gill                                Field Hockey            Georgetown University
Liz Heckard                           Field Hockey            Stanford University
Naomi Mitchell                    Golf                             University of Richmond
Olivia Newsome                   Track and Field        New York University
Campbell Pozin                    Lacrosse                    Christopher Newport University
Tyler Tabor                           Lacrosse                    Bridgewater College
Caitie Sullivan                      Tennis                        Columbia University
Will Wilson                           Swimming                 University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Chase Yager                          Lacrosse                    Amherst College

Go ‘Dogs!

Coach Monninger
Norfolk Academy’s College Counseling Coordinator for Student Athletes