Making the Most of College Visits Here at Academy

Throughout the fall, approximately 100 admission representatives from colleges of all shapes and sizes will visit Norfolk Academy to talk to juniors and seniors about their universities.  These visits provide tremendous opportunity for you to learn about these institutions and the admission process more generally.  While an admission rep’s visit to Norfolk Academy cannot take the place of an in-person visit to a campus, it can inspire a future visit or build on a visit experience you’ve previously had.


Let’s start with some logistics.

  • Scheduled visits can be found in Naviance under the colleges tab, and colleges I’m applying to. New visits are added daily through the early fall.
  • Reminders about upcoming visits are posted on the bulletin board across from the senior lockers and are sent via text message for those subscribed to Remind101
  • You must ask permission from your teacher to miss his/her class in advance of a scheduled visit
  • Once permission has been granted, please sign up for the visit in Naviance

Below are some tips for the making the most out of an admission representative’s visit to our campus.

  • Introduce yourself. Shake hands, have good eye contact. Given the formal and informal role of demonstrated interest at many universities, college visits such as these provide a wonderful opportunity for you to put a face with your name, to go from an application to an applicant. This is just one of many chances for you to make an impression on someone who will eventually have a hand in reviewing your credentials.
  • Ask thoughtful questions about the campus and the application process. What makes your university standout? What would you change about your university? What are some the strongest essays you remember reading? These questions provide tremendous insight and make the visit much more engaging for both you and the admission representative.
  • Attend a session with a college you know little or nothing about. This is a great way to expand your search and to explore the incredible variety of colleges and universities that span the higher education landscape.
  • Listen intently. The more information you gather, the more well-versed you will be and the more confident you will feel as you navigate what can be a very confusing and detailed process.
  • Clarify parts of a school’s process you don’t understand. Whether it’s their standardized testing policy or specific deadlines for specific programs/scholarships, the experts are here in person and they are a wealth of information.
  • If you cannot make a visit due to a class obligation (exam, quiz, etc.), feel free to stop by just before or after the visit to introduce yourself to the admission representative. Again, this is an opportunity for you to make an impression on someone who will play a role in reviewing of your application.

Most importantly, enjoy these opportunities to explore what interests you, what you value, where you find fit.  This is an exciting time in your educational journey!

Mrs. Wendy Livingston, Associate Director of College Counseling
Norfolk Academy
Fall 2016