Changes to the FAFSA

Significant changes in the financial aid application process will roll out this fall.

  1. The FAFSA will open on October 1 allowing students and families more time to complete it and providing earlier notification of a family’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC).
  2. Students and families will be asked to report prior-prior year tax information (PPY).  For example, a high school senior who applies for admission in 2016-2017, and who plans to enroll at college in the fall of 2017, will report 2015 tax information when completing the FAFSA. This will streamline the process of applying for aid and will eliminate the need to provide estimates and updates to your FAFSA filing.

While some colleges will respond to these changes by moving their financial aid application deadlines forward, many will likely maintain their traditional spring deadlines.  Remember, many colleges require additional application materials (such as the CSS Profile or an institutional financial aid application) in addition to the FAFSA.  Please keep track of the financial aid application requirements and deadlines for the schools to which you are applying.

The Department of Education has created a short two-page guide on these changes.  Please consider the College Counseling team as one of many resources available to you and your family as you navigate the financial aid application process.

Mrs. Wendy Livingston, Associate Director of College Counseling
Norfolk Academy
Summer, 2016