The Spring!

We have been working heads-down, diligently this spring. Every group is on time and on track, finalizing curricula, books, or health projects for our trip to Belize in June. This spring has brought so many new things. First and foremost, our lovely director Mrs. Hall welcomed a new baby boy into this world! Within the program, we have been challenging ourselves to question the sustainability, monitoring and evaluation, and organization of our projects.

A visitor, Tara Eskander (NA ’03), came to speak with us about Logic Models! She led us in a serious intensive that helped us take a step back from our projects and see them from the outside. We left the lesson with valuable, constructive, comments and questions to address about our projects.

Other than that, everyone has been working extremely hard on their Belize projects. Everything that needs to be ordered has been ordered, curricula have been critiqued to take their final form, and the future travelers are getting closer to their trip. It’s all exciting! The seniors are sad to be missing the trip this summer, but we are working on a scrapbook to be passed down to future generations of Global Health Fellows. The end of the year is approaching us quickly; here’s to a spring of hard work!

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