Presentation on EVMS work in Peru

Today, the Global Health Fellows were fortunate enough to hear a presentation from EVMS Family Medicine Professor Ana Vazquez-Morina (also mother of Luke Morina NA ’16) and Derwin Gray, Norfolk Academy Class of 2007 and Eastern Virginia Medical School MD Candidate for Class of 2016. The two shared about their recent trip to Pucallpa, Peru in March with a group of medical students, residents, and MPH from EVMS/ODU. Their trip involved a few objectives: to survey the squatter camp community members to assess risk factors of pterygium (which is found in 70% of the community – the highest recorded anywhere in the world!!); to distribute eye glasses (donated by the Lyons Club) to those in need; to run a clinic for the community in desperate need of healthcare. It was a fascinating portrayal of the great benefits and challenges of assessing and then providing healthcare in a very resource-limited place. They encouraged our fellows to spend time making sure to understand the culture and their belief systems before initiating a care plan. Most of all, I think the Global Health Fellows enjoyed meeting a recent NA grad who is already making big waves in the field of medicine and public health.

EVMS Ana and Derwin - 2 EVMS Ana and Derwin - 3

Derwin Gray and Dr. Ana Vazquez-Morina with the Global Health Fellows

Derwin Gray and Dr. Ana Vazquez-Morina with the Global Health Fellows

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