Silicon Valley 2019 EDI Summer Experience – AutoDesk and Army Corps of Engineers’ Bay Model – Post by Caitlin Johnson EDI’21

After our visit to Citrine Informatics, we traveled to Autodesk, where Scott, a Gallery ambassador and a software engineer, greeted us. The ambassador toured us through the gallery, showing various displays and models of innovations. One of these models especially stood out to me- the Shanghai Tower. The tower is the second tallest tower in the world, with the capability to house the population of a city, including living, office, and recreational space. Given the tremendous height of the tower, the designers needed a way to endure the force of the wind. As such, the tower is tapered and twists towards the top.

Our next stop was the Bay Model, which was a scaled-down version of the waterways around San Francisco. The model could mimic currents and the tide, making a helpful tool when determining future changes to the San Francisco Bay Area, like a bridge or other structure.

Post by Caitlin Johnson EDI’21