Pre-Engineering at Kent: EDI Fellows 2020 Summer Experience, Day 4

The Engineering, Design, and Innovation Fellows 2020 cohort traveled  to Kent, CT to participate in the pre-Engineering Summer Educational Experience at Kent School program and to engage in Center for Civic and Global Leadership and EDI-specific leadership and teamwork programming.  

Blog Post by Lauren Beckman, ’20

Last minute changes and ideas of strategy began today’s adventure in the week of SEEK. Polishing off our VEX robots in preparation for the VEX Qualifying Round and tomorrow’s competition is vital in order to have the best outcome. As we moved through the morning, we worked in Solidworks, an interactive 3D design program allowing you to realize your ideas. Soon after, we headed to lunch and commenced our midday meeting, and following our break, Stephanie, an engaging public speaker from UCONN, taught us handy presentation skills through engaging activities, while preparing us for our group presentations the following day. Finally, we ended the day with a VEX Qualifying Round, essentially a scrimmage for our VEX competition. May the most sturdy, efficient, and well-rounded robot win!