Pre-Engineering at Kent: EDI Fellows 2020 Summer Experience, Day 1

The Engineering, Design, and Innovation Fellows 2020 cohort traveled  to Kent, CT to participate in the pre-Engineering Summer Educational Experience at Kent School program and to engage in Center for Civic and Global Leadership and EDI-specific leadership and teamwork programming.  

Blog Post by Nikolas Yanek-Chornes, ’20

The first day at Kent went pretty well. We were each split up into alliances (with people from outside NA as well). Maguire and Sarah are in alliance one, Leah is in alliance two, and Lauren and I are in alliance three. The alliances are mainly for the VEX robot competition, in which two robots will be on each team (hence the alliances rather than groups). These alliances, however, also are our groups for other activities, such as the solar cells that groups 1 and 3 made using berry juice and a little engineering. We also learned a little bit about 3D modeling so that tomorrow we can start working on the 3D printers. The 3D modeling program that is being used is called SolidWorks. The basics are simple to grasp but the potential of the  program is limitless.  Overall we learned a lot and had a lot of fun along the way!