Weekend homestays in Beijing

Over the past weekend all of the students were paired with a student from Beijing 101. Mostly all of us were very scared of going home with them for the weekend but by the end all of us admitted that we had an awesome time. My experience with my student, Zace, was one of the best this whole trip. He and his mom were so welcoming and were extremely happy to host me. Over the weekend we went to 798, an art district and walked around and looked at all the shops, went to 3 car dealerships, and ate some of the best meals yet. This past weekend forced all of us to get out of our confront zone and to just be in the moment and have a great time. I myself was pretty hesitant going into the weekend. Communicating with the family might have been the biggest fear going into the weekend but by the end we had no problem socializing and commutating. The weekend was an amazing experience and many memories were made. We were all very sad to leave the family’s but all know that there are still great activities to come.

-Andrew Jordan


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