Tiger Leaping Gorge, Day 1

imageJune 17, 2015
The group woke up this morning both excited and anxious to start their journey in tiger leaping gourge. We packed our day packs with clothes for the upcoming hike. While we were packing our packs, Connor, Amanda, Zach and Andrew went out into the city to grab breakfast for the rest of the group. After breakfast, the group gathered around in a circle to have a morning meeting. We all talked about certain topics such as religion, social media, foreign politics all that deal with China. After our meeting, we all walked to lunch and enjoyed a delicious meal that consisted of rice, noodles and potatos. Following lunch we all hopped on 3 separate busses where we enjoyed a 2 hour bus ride. The group arrived at the starting point of the hike ready to take on the challenge. The hike challenged everyone in the group physically. It was a difficult uphill beginning but another obstacle came into the groups path. Rain. Rain came down on the group very hard and for most of the hike. The group however brought raingear and handled the rain very well. We were still able to accomplish our goal by getting to the hostel. Once we arrived at the hostel, the group enjoyed a nice view of the pretty pink sky and had a delightful dinner. The group finally settled into their comfortable bunk beds ready to enjoy a goods night sleep. Tomorrow will be a challenging day for the group with a hike that will last 5 hours. They must be ready.


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