A visit to the Great Wall

Today, my host, Alisa, took me to the Great Wall. We packed lunch and headed to Chaoyang, Beijing. The car ride was nearly two hours, but it was worth it. From what I saw, the wall looked beautiful. The surrounding verdant mountains took my breath away. Even though mobs of people rushed around me, it felt peaceful.
We decided to take the cable cars so we could reach the top faster. I am glad we did because the view left me in awe. I saw up close those lush, jade mountains with evergreen trees covering their surface. I could see remnants of the Great Wall, as well as reconstructed parts. The wall stretched out into the blue-grey mist in the distance.

When I hopped off the cable car, the bright sun shined in my eyes as I looked upon the legendary Great Wall of China. I stood where generations of Chinese stood, where historic wars were fought. I felt connected to them while I walked the Wall.

Alisa, her mother, and I hiked the steep slopes in search of a spot to appreciate the magnificence of the Great Wall. We walked as far as we could and I admired the work of those who built it. I wondered how one could build such a large and winding wall without modern technology.
Afterwards, we traveled to a secluded, shaded spot on the wall for lunch. When we had eaten, we walked to the cable cars and rode down.

I appreciate my experience traveling to the Great Wall. I was able to see one of the new seven wonders of the world that I have learned about and have seen pictures. I never fully realized the greatness and magnificence of the Wall until now.


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