Day 5

imageimageToday was a great day with a clear blue skies and started out with a trip to Peking University. Here we visited the Shan Shui (Mountain and River) Conservation Center and learned about various environmental issues facing China today from two people working there. We then traveled around campus, ate lunch, and even interviewed various students about their education system. We learned to count and practiced bargaining. After all this we made our way to a bakery where we had a speaker speak to us about her experiences as a researcher studying various ethnic minorities in China. It was interesting to hear all of her stories regarding how she is treated by the locals. We then finished off the day by going to a nearby restaurant and ate some amazing Peking duck. It was even carved right in front of us by a professional. After heading back to the hotel, we had a great last meeting for the weekend and packed up to head to Beijing 101 tomorrow. We’re all looking forward to it!


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