Politics, fashion, the seasons, technology- even the price of milk. Why do they belong together in the introduction of a blog pertaining to the college admission process? They are constantly changing.

Navigating something that is dynamic in nature can be confusing (at best); mystifying, exhausting and complicated at worst. Access to clear information can help. Paws for Consideration is an opportunity for you to stay abreast of important college admission issues and related hot topics on the informational landscape. Posts will partner with College Counseling’s on-campus programs, family meetings and individual communications to ensure that you have meaningful and accurate information to inform your college search and application preparation. While you are reading we also hope you’ll have some fun.

Some posts will provide guidance for how to find an institution in which you’ll thrive. How to truly find the right fit. How to even understand what fit means. Others will simply celebrate the amazing time in the life of a young person that is the window during which a student thinks about and plans for the college experience. What an incredible precipice you are on.
Paws for Consideration is for students, parents, faculty and admission representatives.

We hope you’ll join us. Take the time to pause (yes Bulldogs, we planned the pun) and consider information that might make you smile, might help inform your college application strategy, may even assist you as you formulate the question you’ve been meaning to ask us in the hallways.

We look forward to beginning this relationship with you!

The Norfolk Academy College Counseling Team