About the Blog


Welcome to The Spirit in the Stick blog – Lessons on Lacrosse and Life! The main purpose of this blog is to offer my two books, The Spirit in the Stick and Fly to Honor to the lacrosse community (and beyond) at no charge as a gift to the game. This project has been an overwhelming experience for me for almost twenty years. The number of people with whom I have connected and who have helped me is staggering.


So, I simply want to offer the project back to the game.

The books are offered in print form as well as audio (read by the author). Keep an eye out for other pieces and updates!

We will post a new installment every week until we have made it all the way through The Spirit in the Stick and then plan to continue on with Fly to Honor. Please feel free to get the word out and share the links with your friends. I offer it to the public domain until further notice and only ask that it not be used for commercial purposes.

Please sign up for updates and submit comments. I will do my best to post them. At the end of the story, please be prepared to send in your carving on the stick – you’ll see what it means.

Thanks so much!

“Respect the Game!”
Neil Duffy