Learning Our Way Around Madrid

Written by Alexis Sisino, ’20, recounting March 4th

Today was a holiday, so we had the pleasure of spending the day with our host families. Although a lot of us got a late start to the day because of the time difference, we had loads of fun hanging out and speaking Spanish with our families while being completely immersed in the culture.

Most of us met up in Madrid for the day. We went to Gran Via which my host brother, Alex, calls the “Time Square of Madrid.” All of us took a bus and the metro to get there which was a hectic and new experience to say the least! We spent most of our time walking around and taking in everything that the city has to offer.

Despite getting lost a few times and walking in circles, we were all laughing and having a good time with each other.

It was a great day in Madrid, and I cannot wait to keep embracing this experience!

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