Saying Adiós to CEM

Written by Lily Hackbirth ’19 to recount Friday, March 16, 2018:

Today was our last day at Colegio Europeo de Madrid. In the morning, we got assigned different schedules to attend. Some of my classmates and I went to biology class where we traced our bodies onto a poster board and labeled the body parts with their Spanish names.

Next, we went to history class and learned about important Spanish history, and then got tested on it by a game of Kahoot. Then, our group got split again into five different groups. This consisted of having four of us per class sit in and listen to what the students were learning in their class that day. After that, we had a thirty minute break. During break the lunch ladies put out a snack in the cafeteria for the kids. Today the snack was bananas. After break we had European class. During this class we learned about ‘Internet of Things’, otherwise known as IOT. We were handed a bunch of computer parts and used to do a bunch of fascinating things like lighting up a lightbulb with a censor and setting a censor to create noises when activated. At 1pm we ate lunch. We were served bread, salad, scrambled eggs, and croquetas. After lunch, we had a siesta (free time) until 3 pm. During this time, many people did homework, took naps, or even played basketball and volleyball in the gym. After the siesta, we went back into groups, half of us went to radio class while the others went to learn Hip Hop. For the last hour of the school day, we had a farewell party. We were served Coca-Cola, chips, and torrijas (a common Spanish dessert in Semana Santa). They gave us farewell goodie bags, and we hung out with everyone in the cafeteria and basketball court until school ended. After school, we all went home, and now we have to pack everything up tonight. A lot of us are sad knowing we have to say adiós to our host families early tomorrow morning, but we are so thankful for the great experiences from these past two weeks!

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