Puzzles, Fencing, and Soccer: A Day at CEM

Written by Zach Minor ’18 to recount Tuesday, March 14, 2017:

We started the day off as usual as we all caught each other up on the events from the previous afternoon and night. After that we accompanied our hosts to their first class of the day. We found ourselves understanding Spanish a little better as we could relate the words to those of English when we went to math class with our hosts. After math class we all went to a Spanish class and had a little lesson about greetings. Next, we went back to our hosts classes which for everyone was technical drawing. It was interesting to be in the class as we all watched them learn how to draw cubes with pictures of sides that they had to put together. It was like a little puzzle that they had to solve and created some great conversations as we all worked with our hosts to continue developing our bond.

A “friendly” game of basketball ensued at the school’s 30 break. More classes followed until lunch where we further assimilated into their culture by eating more Spanish cuisine. Following lunch we had the privilege to learn fencing from a teacher. We all had fun with the sport and had a little tournament with teams of 5 which resulted in Jordan, Alex, Griffith, Xander, and Zach’s winning. The fencing lesson resulted in everyone having fun and enjoying the time with each other after spending time in the classroom.

Our time after school was fun as everyone came together to watch Josh practice with the Spanish soccer team and to cheer him on while talking and enjoying the time with each other. Days like this will last in all of our minds as we got to hang out and have fun with the sunset in the background.

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