Ziplining at Tirolinas de Guadarrama

Written by Hannah Barcus ’17 to┬árecount Wednesday, March 17, 2016:

Today we went to Tirolinas de Guadarrama, an adventure park. It consisted of rope courses, ranging from easy to difficult, and zip lines, several of which hung over a huge lake. First, after we put on our harnesses, we went through pre-training. After all of us were able to prove we were ready, we began the ropes course. Unless you were near the front of the line, the wait seemed endless. Once it was your turn, though, the ropes course seemed so quick. Some of the ropes were challenging, but all proved to be fun. I believe everyone can agree that the zip lines were the favorite part of the course. They went at a high speed over a giant lake, and the landings were fun to watch. The adventure park was overall a really fun (and tiring!) experience.

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