Tuesday, March 8 at CEM

Written by Hannah Auerbach ’17 to recount Tuesday, March 8, 2016:

Today was a semi-typical school day. We all arrived with our hosts to Colegio Europeo de Madrid and then went down to the cafeteria where we were surprised with churros and hot chocolate. They were delicioso.

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After churros we were able to sit in on some classes. Some of the classes are taught in English and some in Spanish. Some of us visitedĀ a philosophy class and others sat in on an array of science classes. School is pretty much the same as in America and it is really funny and interesting to watch how everyone interacts. After a lunch that what muy rico we played a game of futbol with the Spanish students.


A friendly futbol match NA vs. CEM

Today was a lot of funĀ and we didn’t have to walk as much as yesterday which was nice. Later we are going to watch the Roma/Real Madrid game on television which should be super exciting. Hasta luego!

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