Empanada Tuesday

Today was close to a normal day at school but not quite. We were instructed into groups to create a powerpoint presentation for teaching 9-10 year olds on different American topics including food, sports, holidays, traditions and Norfolk Academy. Thankfully no bibliography was necessary!

While all of us had had a small breakfast we were craving a good lunch. However, at lunch time it was time to learn about empanadas and make them. While we all enjoyed creating our own lunch in different formations to keep the meat and other ingredients inside of the meal. Different shapes including squares and teardrop. It was very fun and as Señora was taking a photo of us she mistakenly stated for us to “show me our empanadas!” After completion of our masterpieces they were ready to cook… for 30 minutes! By the time we were served out piping hot meal our stomachs had folded in on themselves.

The rest of the day consisted of finishing our impromptu powerpoint and planning the rest of our evening! That evening I had the opportunity to go on a shopping adventure! My host Lorenzo was working out at the gym which gave me the chance to go with his mother shopping for my family. Listening to someone trying to sell you something speaking a foreign language at 100 mph is not easy…I ended up calling Lorenzo to help me translate! Eventually we found a store where I could easily purchase a gift. After a wonderful chickn lasagna dinner I had the opportunity to go to a small birthday party for Lorenzo’s friend where we played a game of billiards and got to view a wonderful 1980 BMW. The car topped off the day ending it with a taxi ride home and a quick entry to bed.

– Ryan Dixon

Hola! We began the day today with “chapel” where the director of the school delivered an inspiring address to the students about their potential and that they are able to do whatever they set their minds to. From there, the students dismissed to classes and we followed close behind, shadowing classes in the upper school. After a short break, we all ventured to the library where we dispersed into groups to work on presentations about American culture that we will present to the junior school. For my group, our topic was American food. Needless to say, we all got a little homesick from googling pictures of different American foods. Salivating from these pictures, it was time for lunch.

Instead of our typical lunch from the cafeteria, we got the pleasure of making our own lunches. This included homemade empanadas and a tasty desert. Before we were hands-on in our cooking experience, we viewed short instructional videos on how each recipe is made. Now it was our turn to try it out. For many, the folding of the empanada dough seemed to be the hardest part. After what seemed like an endless wait, we were served our hot, baked empanadas. We even made vegetarian empanadas for Haley and Megan which consisted of only cheese and onion rather than beef.

After our late lunch, we enjoyed an extended period of free time where many finished their presentations, worked ahead on homework, and played the new hit game, Dot Up (P.S. Josh holds the record with 206). As usually, we left school with each of our hosts. However, many met up later in order to either go shopping, work out, tan, etc. All in all, we had a great day together and we are enjoying our last few days in Mar del Plata. Adios!

– Ethan Runzo

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