Can’t Tell a Ham from a Spam w/out a Program Ma’am!

Italy and Sicily FlagIn a small, poorly attended ceremony, atop the newly established “King of the Hill” training facility (former site of the home field for the current VISAA State Champion NA Varsity Field Hockey team) the BWIIC was appointed CSO (Chief Security Officer)  for this inaugural EGO.  Power corrupts … But …Absolute Power …is …. pretty cool.

The first and foremost security measure will be to formally announce the new names for each student and activity leader.   Each EGO participant has been assigned …and will assume…. a new name for the adventure.  Blog posts will refer to each student and activity leader using his/her EGO name.  Hence …your “program” is provided below:

NA Name               Italian Name       Meaning of Name

  • Robbie                   Roberto                  Bright with Fame
  • Nathan                   Mario                      Most Excellent (Just had to have a “Mario”)
  • Daniel                    Dante                       Enduring
  • Cole                        Carlo                        Strong, Manly
  • Brian                      Bernardo               Brave as Bear
  • Alastair                  Alonzo                     Eager for Battle
  • Abigail                   Angelina                Little Angel
  • Callie                      Calandra               Free as a Bird
  • Carson                   Carina                     Beloved
  • Elle                         Allesandra            Defender of mankind
  • Gabrielle               Gabriella                God is my Strength
  • Kate (no K )          Caterina                 Pure
  • Reagan                   Regina                    Regal
  • Reilly                      Rachele                  Innocence of a Lamb
  • Peyton                    Pippa                       Lover of Horses
  • Mrs.Heidi Pollio      Senora Lucia           Bringer of Light
  • Dr. Dave Pollio         Senore Donato       Gift of God
  • Mr. Woody Poole     Senore Alfredo       Counselor of the Elves ( Are you kidding me!  How about Counselor of the Heroic or the Victorious or even just Counselor …but Counselor of the Elves …. Good Grief !)

BWIIC Note:  Blog Posts are organized “most recent” first.  If you are experiencing any difficulty deciphering any (or all) of the recurring acronyms…simply scroll back through an earlier post where it has been expanded and/or defined.

3 and a Wake-Up … Time to Meet the Blogger …

Alfredo (Norfolk Academy teacher/coach formerly known as Mr. Poole) will be my nom de plume for posting on the Eighth Grade Odyssey 2015 (EGO15) Blog.  For those of you who have never suffered through a short (lengthy), concise (wordy), dead serious (humor attempted) e-mail from “teacher” Mr. Poole or “coach” Mr. Poole then you may be caught a bit off guard by what you’re going to be forced to endure.  Here’s a snapshot (maybe that’s not the best choice of terms to use since it implies some degree of brevity):

  • I have never attempted to say in “five words” what could be said in “twenty.”
  • If I ever come off as sarcastic, cynical, contemptuous, caustic, acrimonious, acerbic, scathing, cutting, sharp, or even the slightest bit harsh … then I can assure you that I’ve completely lost my mind.  What has most likely occurred is that I have probably “failed miserably” in attempt to provide a bit of whimsy, levity, badinage, humor, and/or my personal favorite …. tomfoolery.  (I wish I knew what all of those words meant)
  • At age 62, I seem to have developed some sort of a recognizable writing style.  Some have referred to it as “Stream of Consciousness” or “Stream of Unconsciousness” depending on his/her frame of mind.
  • There will be little attention paid to the rules of grammar (although I will do my best in the spelling department.)  Make no mistake … I will not be possessing my gerunds.
  • If you see a lot of …… different pieces ….connected by what seem to be …. endless little …dot …thingies …then you can skip having a look at the author.  Guilty as charged.
  • Posts that seem abnormally  grammatically correct, with smooth flow, great transitions, and an overall well-written feel …. will …. no doubt be the work of one of the “junior” members of our 8th grade Odyssey group.


So … enough of the drivel.  On to more important things ….like…a glance at our basic route of flight from Philly (born there in 1952) to Rome.  Looks like your Bulldog will be making one of those “great circle” sojourns up across the Canadian Maritime Provinces, going feet-wet on the Labrador/Newfoundland coast …probably snoozing over the North Atlantic …. feet dry in the Bretagne province of France …then a hop, skip, and a jump and the wheels are chirping as your daughter/son touch down at Leonardo da Vinci airport (FCO) in Rome.  (please ignore the silly little green plane in the route of flight picture (above) suggesting we are heading for Iceland … we’re disembarking,….. as well as getting off the plane, ….. in Roma!)

So … you’ve met the BWIIC (pronounced B-wick) (short for Blogger What Is In Charge) and it’s time to move on.

Ciao, Alfredo

To embark on an interdisciplinary, capstone study-abroad program in southern Italy and Sicily for Norfolk Academy 8th grade students.