In Sicilia e oltre ! 2016

“To Sicily and beyond!  2016”

It's all in your mind's eye.
It’s all in your mind’s eye.

Welcome to the Odyssey Blog.   Typically, a majority of the Blogs will be written (I prefer the terms…woven, spun, concocted, fabricated, bunches of words hastily slapped together at random…etc.)  by The BWIIC (Blogger What Is In Charge).   Please feel free to hold Signora Professoressa  Lucia (Mrs. Pollio) personally responsible for assigning me Signore Professore Alfredo (Mr. Poole)  the BWIIC responsibilities last year, and then choosing to ignore the relentless public outcry to have me removed and then …. yes and THEN …. allowing me to have “one last try” to redeem myself.   So … I’m back…  in all  “stream of consciousness” … lot’s of little dots between phrases … fasten your seat belts … no one ever accused me of being terse … really! … you need a sense of humor … there’s always the delete key …. g-l-o-r-y!    If you start reading a Blog entry and it seems  … strangely readable … or flows with some degree of logic … follows basic rules of grammar… and/or simply seems “different” …then it’s your first clue that Professoressa Lucia could not “take it” any longer,  has taken corrective action, and temporarily assumed BWIIC while I sit in “time out.”

“It’s hard to tell a Ham from a Spam without a program Maam!”

To keep you on your toes, your Bulldog has assumed a new Italian/Sicilian identity.  Typically your daughter/son will be referred to by her/his Odyssey name.   So that we are all on the same sheet of music  here is a “roll call” broken down by “teams.”   Your son/daughter will work within his/her respective team to complete various “challenges” throughout the Odyssey.

  • Alpha – Gracie=Anna Grazia    Julian=Giulio   Courtney=Cordelia Ainsleigh=Arianna      Wyatt=Lorenzo      Connor=Luigi
  • Beta – Ells=Alessandro      Kacey=Katerina      Sammi=Sabina    Meghan=Margherita    Audrey=Aurelia   Nikolas=Nicolo
  • Gamma – Sydney=Silvia        Sahib=Salvo         Cole=Carlo       Rachael=Rachele     Kerri-Chiara       Guil=Giovanni

We (Pollio, Pollio, and Poole) hope that between the Blog entries and the Twitter/Instagram feeds that we can keep you at least “somewhat” connected to your daughter/son that you have so kindly agreed    to   share   with   us    for   this    capstone   adventure   ………    “In  Siclia  e  oltre!”               Next stop …..  “Erice!”

Next Stop .... "Erice!"