E3 School Gardening Planters Project – Lee McElligott ’23

    This fall, the EDI Fellows designed and built wooden planters for the New E3 School in Norfolk. We undertook this project in order to support the E3 School’s mission of using tangible objects to promote experiential learning. Last summer, we built interactive gardening stations for their playground in order to teach students about plant life and horticulture. 

    The EDI Fellows each designed their own planters and set the final two designs to a vote. The final blueprints used were one created by James Wilson and one created by me. James’ plan included an acrylic window, which can be used to watch the roots of the plants grow and develop. My plan was focused more on aesthetics, with a 1×4 trim on the corners in order to create a neat look. 

    We departed for the E3 School on September 18th to place the planters after two weeks of prototyping and assembly. One desire of the EDI Fellows was to learn more woodworking and carpentry skills during this project and I think we were very successful. It was a great way to contribute to the community while learning valuable design and build skills.

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