Reflection on EDI Speaker and 3D-Printing Project by Vignesh Akkina ’23

    3D Printed Zoom

    As an EDI fellow, I have learned how to design, create, and print 3D print on Tinkercad, while being advised by Dr. Call. The design process of our bridge project included gaining inspiration from the internet to build a creative bridge. Designing the perfect bridge required a ton of trial and error since I was still new to Tinkercad. My bridge was supposed to be a truss bridge, but since I wanted a strong foundation, I created a base with four arches. So, the bridge turned out to be an arch bridge with the railing of a truss bridge. The first time the bridge was printed, the railing came out like hot garbage, so I decided to remove the railings and lay them flat. It came out well but cutting out the brims and supports were extremely annoying. Dr. Call ran out of super glue so the railing will be assembled on a later day.

    Design of a bridge in Tinkercad

    Just recently, we listened to Mrs. McElroy’s presentation of her amazing program to spread solar power throughout Hampton Roads. The finance behind it was extremely complex, but she explained it very well. I must say that over a thousand pages in taxes is probably not the greatest experience, but somehow, she is able to deal with it. The biggest takeaway I had was you can disagree with other people’s way of doing things. She told us about the accountant who wanted to do things his way to make money, but she wanted to do this just for the benefit of the community. This was a very powerful message, which I will learn from.

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