Field Day Map update by Patrick McElroy EDI’19

    The chaos of Field Day has long been a part of the charm of the day for me, but, as I’ve gotten older, not having some of the schedules or locations on hand has become more of a nuisance. Thinking on it, I realized that it must be worse for those who haven’t been at NA for 12 years like I have, or who have trouble getting around. Because of this, in Fall 2018, I set out to create an interactive electronic map that people could use to navigate the events and scheduling of Field Day. After meeting with Ms. Dougherty, the organizer of Field Day, I realized that this map could also be used in the planning of the day itself, as many of the different teams working on the day could use different layers to make a comprehensive electronic map.

    One of the hardest parts of the project was finding and learning the software. After I learned the basics of creating layers and linking to other PDF pages with interactive buttons, I created prototypes for the map. I sent Ms. Dougherty the prototypes that I made, and I incorporated her feedback into the next iteration of the map. Though the final product of this work was not in place during this year’s Field Day, I hope the framework behind the map can be used for years to come and that younger EDI Fellow takes on this project, to create an easier and more understandable Field Day for everyone involved.

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