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February & March Book Club with Kopila Valley School in Nepal!

On March 12, 2015, a small group of Norfolk Academy ninth grade students had the opportunity to have a Skype conversation with ninth graders in The Kopila Valley in Nepal to discuss the book Homeless Bird. Before the Skype call itself, Ms. Johnson corresponded with a volunteer at the school, and she and her students selected Homeless Bird as a book we could all discuss during the call. The book, written by Gloria Whelan, tells the story of a young Indian teenager who is married at 13, and is widowed in the same year. The novel shares the life of a girl in a world of arranged marriages and exposes part of the lifestyle of a lone, young widow. Both the students in Nepal and those of Norfolk Academy compiled a list of questions for the other, and were able to discuss the culture behind arranged marriages, and expand that theme to just the culture of the country. We hope to strengthen the bond between schools with continued correspondence through email, and maybe eventually develop a strong relationship between us and the Nepalese students! We were so fortunate to have this experience with these kids, and look forward to see how this will develop!

-Eleanor Lilly 9th grade

Norfolk Academy Book Club Goofballs
Kopila Valley Picture
Kopila Valley Book Club participants