Day 3 of English Literacy Camp in Nicaragua

Written by Ridge Moore ’18 and Liza Ware ’18 to recount Wednesday, June 14, 2017:

Waking up to pouring rain and the loud chickens, we decided to sleep in and skip the tabata work-out. We ate a quick breakfast made up of pancakes, eggs, cantaloupe, bananas, and cereal. Before leaving for the church (camp) at around 8:50, we quickly packed our supplies for the day’s activities. Some of the activities consisted of games such as the limbo, a parachute game, Simon says, crossword puzzles, songs and dances. Today’s objectives were to teach the kids insects and daily routines in English. With a much smaller group than the afternoon shift, we went back to the house with slightly more energy. When we arrived at the Outreach 360 house, we ate an early lunch consisting of beef, rice, tostonés, and pitaya starfruit juice. With our stomachs full, we used our siesta time to explore the city of Jinotega. After enjoying some delicious smoothies, we headed back to the house and played cards. The afternoon session was much more energetic with a lot more kids than the morning. Today we were able to take what we learned yesterday and adjust our activities to a successfully handle the larger group of kids. Our delicious dinner consisted of fried eggs, beans, and fresh tortillas. After dinner, we decided to head back to town to get ice cream and cake and enjoyed a short wifi session that was available at the smoothie store. Now we are heading off to an early bed. Tomorrow we rise and shine early to hike to the famous cross (1000 steps) atop one of the beautiful mountains surrounding Jinotega! 

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