Jennifer Scott – Director of College Counseling

Jennifer Scott, Director of College Counseling

Favorite adult book recommendation — Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Originally written in 1955, this book is a masterful exploration of what it means to be personally introspective. Lindbergh (wife of Charles Lindbergh) explores the value of solitude, the ever-changing role of relationships in one’s life, the growth one experiences with age, and describes the many reasons we should all slow down and take time away from the modern trappings of technology and To Do lists in order to just- BE. While originally intended for young women, it is a book that I believe every young adult can benefit from spending some time with. Poignant, contemplative, sophisticated and beautifully written.


Favorite children’s book recommendation — Amy’s Eyes by Richard Kennedy

This was my very first “couldn’t put it down” book experience and to this day I credit it in some small part for my love of adventure. This epic story of orphan Amy, her sailor doll, the Captain, and a whole crew of Mother Goose animals, offers fantasy, tragedy, inspiration and joy, all wrapped up in a smart story about their search for her eyes and golden treasure. Whether you are nine and looking for another wonderful tale in which to lose time, or an adult looking for a rich story to read with a little one, you’ll love it.

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