Betsy Looney — Nurse

Betsy Looney, Nurse

Favorite adult book recommendation — What Though the Odds by Haley Scott DeMaria

This is a true story of Triumph over Tragedy. It is a story about the University of Notre Dame’s swim team.
The team was involved in a tragic bus crash killing two teammates and leaving Haley paralyzed after the accident. Although Haley was told that she would never walk again, with the support of all of those around her and her faith, she chose not to give up and vowed to not only walk again but to swim again for the Fighting Irish.
On a side note: Haley was a guest speaker at my son’s graduation from Notre Dame in 2012, and she was a remarkable speaker and one I will never forget.

Favorite children’s book recommendation — Little Beaver and The Echo by Amy MacDonald

This book is geared towards first graders or for a counselor or teacher to read to young students.
In the year of Friendship, I thought it was the perfect book.
The book is about a young beaver who does not have any friends and is very sad. He starts to cry and across the valley hears someone else crying. He does not realize it is his echo he is hearing and answers back to the person crying. He decides to cross the valley going towards the voice, Along the way, he meets many different lonely animals that soon become his friend. Before he knew it, he had many different friends. When he reached the other side of the valley, the wise old beaver told him it was his echo that he was hearing. He was no longer sad since he now had so many friends.
It is a fun story about the many ways to meet diverse friends, who at one time also felt lonely, but now have each other as friends.

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