Ryan Tucker – Teacher, Middle School History

Ryan Tucker, Middle School History

Favorite adult book recommendation — Ready Player One by Ernest Cline 

This is a fun and engaging novel that largely takes place in a virtual reality simulation called the OASIS. The book is rampant with 80’s pop culture references, instilling a sense of nostalgia in the reader.
Cline crafts a love story coupled with a battle between good vs. evil in a futuristic digital age. He lashes out against greed and conformity. You do not have to be an avid video game player to enjoy this book. This is a must read.
Favorite young adult book recommendation — Eragon by Christopher Paolini
Eragon is the first title in the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini. It is a fantasy novel that details an epic journey by a young man and his dragon, describing the bond built between the two. Relationships are a key focus of this book. It is also a coming of age tale that describes the many trials and tribulations one goes through on their path to adulthood. It remains my favorite book to this day.

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