Anne Schafer – Teacher, Second Grade Boys

Anne Schafer – Teacher, Second Grade Boys

Favorite adult book recommendation — Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption by Bryan Stevenson

I heard Mr. Stevenson speak at my son’s college graduation this past May. He encouraged the graduates to do three things:
    1. Be proximate…get close to people who need your help.
    2. Change the narrative…tell the real story.
    3. Stay hopeful…we need hope to bring change.

Mr. Stevenson spoke from experience. In Just Mercy, he followed his own advice to help bring mercy and justice to a shocking number of wrongly convicted people on death row in Georgia and Alabama. This book was difficult to read because the stories of how people were wronged were so outrageous, but we must know what is happening around us if we are to effect change. Although the subject matter was difficult, the book is easy and engaging to read.

Children’s book recommendation — I Went Walking by Sue Williams

As an elementary school teacher and a mother, it was HARD to pick one children’s book as my favorite. I Went Walking has a special place in my heart, though, because my son said his first “real” words after listening to me read this book for what seemed like a million times…he pointed to the picture of the pig and said, “pink pig!” This is a great book for young children; the illustrations are clear and colorful, and the patterned, predictable text is engaging.

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