budding Scholars!

Anna Russell’s meteoric rise to literary stardom has inspired her fellow traveling companions to take up the digital quill, and ink their place upon the scrolls of time.

Today we feature Madison Galler, an adventurist and adrenaline junkie who is always searching for the next way to crank the dials up to 11, and Riley McElligott, a shrewd business woman who has fully embraced the art of the business transaction and refuses to back down from any stalemate in negotiations. Each has chosen to chronicle an experience that fits their passions. Do we have the next journalist for National Geographic, spanning the seven continents and traveling to the farthest corners of the globe for the most mysterious and rare stories, or a future CEO of a Fortune 500 company, grappling with the titans of industry and leaving behind a trail of doubters in her triumphant wake? Only time will tell? 

The Mediterranean Sea

We went to our rooms to get our swim suits towels and sunscreen. We all met in the courtyard of the hotel to walk to the beach. Once we got to the beach, we all took off our shoes and headed to the ocean. At first touch, the water was refreshingly cold, but as you waded deeper into the clear blue water, the water could not make up its mind and was warm in some areas and cold in others. After a bit of gender separated swimming, boys and girls joined together in a game of football. Sadly, that was a short lived game because of continuous running into rocks. The group decided to play SPUD, a safer, less chaotic game. Time flys when you’re having fun, so in what felt like just a few minutes, we had to leave. 

The Ionian Sea

After a great lunch it was time for a refreshing swim in the second of three seas. Once we all arrived at the rock beach, we went onto an elevated rock island for a better view of the water below. From the top, a water hole was found in one of the surrounding cliffs. The safest way to enter was by swimming under a section of the cliff to get inside. Once inside, you can scale the walls, and climb to the top of the cliff. All participants made it out safely, and some even came away from the experience with pretty cool go-pro videos. 

                         —— Madison Galler——

The Market at Syracuse

Right before lunch, we visited the market at Syracuse. While Mrs. Pollio was purchasing sandwiches at a famous deli, we had the opportunity to visit. While there were some cheap items for sale that were aimed towards tourists, there were many opportunities to purchase local food. Using our Italian and bargaining skills, we successfully bought fresh fruit, including peaches and bananas, as well as different types of cookies like lemon and Nutella flavors. There were also spices and fish for sale. Mr. Wilkens bought freshly fried calamari, which we tried, and (mostly) enjoyed. 

                    —— Riley McElligott ——